Candida and Food Allergy Testing Results

Posted on Oct 3, 2016 in Allergies, Candida | 3 comments

Why you are likely to encounter “false positives” when food allergy testing.

It is very common for clients to tell me that they’ve been tested for food allergies and now they can’t eat this and can’t eat that….and they’re very sad and depressed about it.  The truth is that at the time of the food allergy testing their gut was likely inflamed and the microbiome, the good gut bacteria, and the bad bacteria were out of balance in the GI tract.  That’s often what happens from years of poor eating habits, stress and environmental toxins. Test results can come out adversely different after a 90 day program of clearing up and re-balancing of the gut.

Identifying, through testing, if there is yeast overgrowth, is even more challenging, as each of us has a “normal” amount of yeast  present in our bodies.

Watch the video blog below to learn more about what you can do before considering food allergy testing.

food allergy testing video thumb

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  1. Yeah, we don’t actually really need allergy tests. Everyone should follow your program and everything would clear itself.

  2. I really feel that I could benefit from the candida cleanse but every time I hear or read something about it, weight loss is mentioned. Is there any way to do it without losing weight?

    • Yes there are ways to overcome this challenge of losing too much weight…eating more small amounts of good fats, avocado, coconut oil, raw nuts/seeds, organic unsalted butter, winter squashes. Also eating a gluten-free grain (not white rice or corn) at each meal.

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