Chart Your Road to Health

Today, a clean diet and supplementation is essential. Depleted and toxic soils, environmental toxins, and stress are at an all-time high. The game has changed. Learn to make the best choices to neutralize the toxic load and age with quality. Ann will help you chart your road to health.

Consult with Ann Boroch

Ann Boroch has a private practice in Los Angeles, California. She uses a variety of integrative natural approaches to support her clients and is a certified nutritional consultant, naturopath, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and certified iridologist.

Ann specializes in candida (yeast overgrowth), allergies, autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, hypoglycemia, weight loss, and depression/anxiety. Candida affects millions and is a hidden cause of many health conditions, from fatigue, bloating, and weight gain to arthritis, allergies, depression, prostate problems and multiple sclerosis. Learn more about candida.

Ann believes that creating an optimal healthy lifestyle that works for you is key to prevention. She also welcomes anyone who has mild symptoms or who wants support in maintain good health and age with quality.

During your first visit, Ann will work with you to examine your case history, assess your body systems using a quantum software program, provide advice on nutritional changes you may need, and suggest detoxification methods using nutrition and supplementation. Your first visit will be thorough and you will leave feeling confident in beginning your individualized health program. Allow yourself enough time to be with Ann for up to 1 1/2  to 2 hours.

Initial consultation is $400. Supplements are an extra cost. Ann will educate you on how to purchase your own supplements. (There are some professional products that will be necessary to purchase in the beginning of your program.)

Follow-up visits are scheduled once a month after initial consultation. Ann will review with you improvements that have occurred and discuss new changes to diet and supplementation that need to be made. Repeat visits are $200 and can last up to 1 hour.

The average client sees Ann for a total of four visits (three once-a-month visits, and one 3-month follow-up). Autoimmune diseases, cancer, and chronic conditions require more visits.

If you would like to pay for Ann’s entire program up front (initial visit and three follow up visits) the price is $900 ($100 discount). Supplements are not included.

Before your visit: In preparation for your initial consultation, please complete our new client forms (see bottom of this page) and bring them with you along with any recent blood work you may have. Blood work is not mandatory. Ann accepts cash, all major credit cards, and checks. She does not accept insurance.

Skype / Phone Sessions

If you cannot meet in person with Ann, she can set up a time to talk with you by Skype or phone. Please fill out our new client forms, then scan and email or mail back to Ann along with any recent blood work you may have prior to your first appointment. Blood work is not mandatory. Once we receive your forms, we will contact you to set up an appointment time and date and we will email you information to print out and use to write on during your session.

Contact Ann by email ( to set up an appointment.

Initial Skype or phone consultations are $400, which can be paid via credit card or PayPal (payable to Quintessential Healing, Inc.). Sessions will can last up to 1 1/2 to 2 hours. After the first hour Ann will get off the session and type out your personalized supplement program. Follow-up sessions are  $200 and can last from 1/2 to 1 hour.

Half-Hour Skype / Phone Sessions

If you do not want to do a full initial consultation to set up a personalized program, you have the option of scheduling a half-hour phone or Skype session for $150 where you can ask Ann as many questions as you and she can cover during the allotted time. Contact Ann by email ( to set up an appointment.


Ann Boroch is a certified nutritional consultant, naturopath, clinical hypnotherapist, and certified iridologist, not a medical physician. The services you will receive is considered alternative and complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state. The state does not license the types of services she provides. Services provided are nutritional therapy, natural detoxification methods, supplements and herbs, biofeedback (not FDA approved and not used exclusively for treatment), and/or hypnosis. All clients agree to discuss these therapies with their primary doctor and/or oncologist. Ann does not bill any insurance companies.


All cancellations must be made within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. If you do not cancel within 24 hours and the reason is not an emergency, you will be charged half the amount of your visit.

New Client Forms

New clients, please complete these forms prior to your first appointment:
Notice of Consent Form
Health History Part 1
Health History Part 2
Metabolic Assessment Form